A Good Yarn

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Beading is so much faster than knitting! Last weekend, I bought way more charms than I needed for my charm bracelet, so I've been wanting to buy more beads and make another one. I was thinking a very girly-girl pink and white one. I went to The Bead Monkey before going into work, but I couldn't find just the right pink. I did find plenty of other stuff, though. So, I spent last night doing a little beading. Here's the charm bracelet:

Then I saw these fantastic green glass beads, but they were very expensive, so I only got 2 so that I could make a pair of earrings. Later, I went to Bijoux Bead and found similar green glass beads that were much cheaper, so I decided to make a matching bracelet:

Finally, I've had my eye on the furnace glass beads for quite a while, but could never figure out how they would look. Bijoux Bead had a few bracelets made of furnace glass in the store and they were really cute, so I decided to make one of those, as well. I already have a ton of purple earrings, so I decided to skip the earrings: