A Good Yarn

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Movie Day!

I went to two movies yesterday. After brunch, I went to this:

I liked it. There were a few logic lapses that bothered me, but overall, I thought it was enjoyable. I could relate to Viktor's plight after my own flight mishaps and the hours I spent at LAX last month.

In the evening, I saw this:

Loved it! Morgan is very funny and the whole concept of his film is fascinating. I don't think anyone was surprised the McDiet had a profound effect on his body, but I was shocked both by how quickly and by how much he was effected. He gained 8 pounds in the first week - 8 pounds. And his body chemistry levels were off the charts mid-way through. It's not going to stop me from eating fast food, but I hope I'll be a little more thoughtful about my choices.