A Good Yarn

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I love long weekends!

It's so much fun to not work on a Monday!

The 4th of July was relatively uneventful. We had a beautiful sunny day. My brother, nephew and I lit some fireworks and had some fun.

Yesterday I had the best intentions to get some work done. Oh well. I did make it to the nursery to pick up some impatiens for in front of my house. I usually have that bed planted on Memorial Day weekend, but it was really cold here most of late May and early June. At least by waiting I got everything 50% off.

I also found a new bead store yesterday. It's call The Bead Gallery and is in Woodbury. Very cute store and of course, I picked up some goodies. I'm looking forward to putting some more bracelets together tonight.

In the evening I went to Taste of Minnesota and saw this band:

It was really fun and they're still great. It started raining, so we got a little damp, but it didn't effect the fun. The food at Taste of Minnesota really sucks, though. When I first moved to Minnesota, the Taste was held at the State Capitol and nice local restaurants would serve tiny portions of their fare. It was really expensive, but the food was good. At some point, they changed the food to your typical festival food - mostly deep-fat fried or on a stick. I'm not sure that Taste of Minnesota is an accurate name any more.