A Good Yarn

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I Believe in a Promised Land

No, I'm not talking about MDSW. I'm quoting the finale of this show last night:

Wow. What an outstanding show! It was Bruce, a guitar, a harmonica and a piano. Occasionally you could hear a synthesizer piped in, but it was pretty subtle. It was a really powerful show. I love how Bruce can be so powerful and rockin (as he was at the Act for Change show last fall) and so powerful and intimate in a show like this. My favorite song was Youngstown. Here's the setlist if you're interested.

But, back to MDSW. Here's some more of my purchases.

This is some lovely red cashmere from Hunt Valley Cashmere. They have a lot of really pretty kits, too, if you're interested in knitting a whole sweater in cashmere. Their yarn is very reasonably priced and quite nice.

This is the first yarn I bought, from Persimmon Tree Farm. It's 100% silk and so soft and lofty. It was very reasonably priced. The two skeins looked more closely matched in the tent, but outside they clearly are different, so I will be knitting them up into two separate projects or perhaps I'll gift one of them to a friend.

Great colors, eh? It's called "Fandango", 80% tencel and 20% silk from A Touch of Twist. It's laceweight, so I'm planning on a feather and fan scarf with it.

Busy day today, so I better get going. Stay tuned for more yarn purchases from my endless cavalcade.