A Good Yarn

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Recovering Nicely

I decided to take another day off yesterday. After so much walking and early mornings, I needed a little extra time off. Plus, I wanted to spend some time with the pups after leaving them at the kennel for so long. They were very quiet yesterday, so perhaps they didn't get much sleep either, being with so many other dogs. After a long nap and spending the day in my new fleece-lined slippers, I feel much better!

So, on to the good stuff - my purchases! Besides the aforementioned slippers, I also bought some jewelry and some MDSW swag - all with that cute sheep logo on it. The line for the Festival stuff was super long all day long, so we waited until just before we left. I'm not sure what was already sold out, but I got plenty of good stuff anyway. I also picked up with Lantern Moon double pointed needles (size 1 Rosewoods and Size 3 Ebonies. Although one of the size 3 is actually a really dark rosewood upon further inspection). I also found a 000 circular needle, which I'm going to try next time I do some bead knitting. I bought a handful of patterns too. Most of them I probably could have purchased here, but since they were right there, it was easier just to pick them up. Plus they're small and light. And then, there was yarn.

I didn't go with any particular plans. There were a few vendors I was familiar with from Stitches, but I didn't do any research on the other vendors. I didn't have any particular projects to buy for. I just went and picked out what I liked. For the most part, I felt like if I liked something, I better buy it otherwise it would be gone. And I got a lot, but so far I don't regret any of the purchases. They're all really beautiful and colorful. There were only a couple of skeins I could have purchased anywhere else. So, for today, I start with one of my favorites.

Ellen's Half-Pint Farm

I bought a big skein of yarn from Ellen's at Stitches Midwest several years ago and loved it, so I knew I'd be checking them out. They've expanded their line of yarn and I bought a few different skeins from Ellen's.

Two skeins of 100% cashmere. I'm thinking either a lacy scarf or some wristers. Something that will be directly against my skin.

100% Alpaca. Very soft. The one project I thought I might buy for was Clapotis. I may be the last knitter in the world to knit one, but I'm succombing to the pressure. This is enough for a sweater, so I may make a sweater instead.

100% Bombyx Silk. This reminds me a lot of Fiesta La Luz. I may knit myself a Ruffles scarf from this.

This is 100% Alpaca I got from the Three Farms Alpaca booth. This one was made from Hill Home Alpacas. I like the great colors on this. Maybe another scarf?

Ok, more to come. I've decided that instead of incorporating this yarn into the rest of my stash (I put yarns of the same weight together), I'm going to have a box of just stuff from MDSW. Seems like it'll be easy to find the stuff that way.