A Good Yarn

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Here's a picture of the Keith Lewis Studio necklace and earrings I got at the ACC:

His stuff is incredible. I had a hard time choosing just one piece.

Monday I had a Wills & Trusts CLE all day - yawn! I got there just as it was starting, so the main auditorium was full and I ended up in the overflow room. Happily, I brought along on car knitting and was able to finish the tennis socks from Socks, Socks, Socks:

This was my first time putting a picture on the heel. I think it worked out ok. I'm working my way through that Socks book as my car knitting, so I think I'll use that new Sisu sock yarn I got at Yarn Cafe for my next pair.

For lunch, I met my brother at Mission American. It was delicious! I had a roasted pear salad and a cup of chicken soup. Loved the salad. The decor was beautiful too.

Last night my brother and I attended the Wing Ding and Dessert Fling, a fundraiser for the Harriet Tubman Alliance. Such a great time. You buy a ticket to get in and then eat for free. About 30 different restaurants had tables set up, serving different types of chicken wings or desserts. Delicious! I love chicken wings and I love dessert, so what's not to like? Plus, I love the whole taste sampler type of event. My favorite wings were definitely from Tracy's Saloon. They had some nice spicy Buffalo type wings and some fantastic dry rub Caribbean wings. Both were outstanding. I'm definitely going to have to go there for lunch one of these days. Lyon's Pub had an outstanding homemade blue cheese dressing. A nice big salad with that stuff would really hit the spot! The best dessert was a sponge cake with berries and whipped cream on top from The Mermaid. I've been trying to eat more healthy and I definitely went astray, but it was worth it.

They also had a jazz combo called Yo Jimbo, which was very nice. Local media types were acting as celebrity waiters, so I had a little chat with one my favorite sports station hosts. There was also a silent auction and I won a couple of different auctions. There were a lot of different knitted items up for auction and I don't think many of them had bids. I felt bad about that, but they were all pretty simple stuff like garter stitch scarves and baby hats.

I got good, supportive comments about the hearts sweater. Thanks everyone! After I finally get my taxes done I'm definitely going to download better comment software so I can email people back when I get comments. Your support is much appreciated!!