A Good Yarn

Thursday, May 12, 2005

More of the Bounty

Well, it's cold and rainy today (I could see my breath), so I can't go outside to photograph these yarns, so I'll just do one batch. I apologize for the "soft focus" - I got a fingerprint on the lens and am too lazy to re-take the photos.

These are from Tess' Designer Yarns. This was probably my favorite vendor. The colors were absolutely gorgeous and hard to choose from. I have seen Tess' booth at Stitches Midwest and always wanted some of the ribbon yarn, so I decided beforehand that I would be some ribbon at MDSW. I fell in love with some of their other yarns too.

This is 80% Wool and 20% Nylon. I skein is enough for either a pair of socks or a baby sweater. Really, really nice stuff. I helped Kerry wind a skein that she bought and just having it wrapped around my wrists was a delight. It comes in so many gorgeous colors that I really wanted to buy one of each, but I knew there were so many other vendors I wanted to visit I limited myself to this one skein.

50% Cultivated Silk and 50% Merino Wool. Big surprise - it's amazingly soft and cuddly. I wear black more than any other color, so I thought this black/gray/white colorway would be different and cool. I wish I had bought enough for a sweater. I will next time.

The aforementioned ribbon. So shiny and beautiful! I'm planning on a tank top/shell with this stuff.