A Good Yarn

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I love weekends!

I wish I could afford to work a 3 or 4 day week so I could have longer weekends, because I just love the weekends!

Since I had oral surgery on Friday, I decided to sign up for a bead crocheting class at Insomniac Beads as a special treat. I've wanted to learn this technique for a long time. I like bead knitting a lot, but I think bead crochet looks better, which is odd since I like knitted fabric much, much better than crochet fabric.

Anyway, I am happy to report that I was able to pick up the technique pretty quickly. We made a practice piece with crochet thread and 6 different colors of beads, which made it much easier. Then I strung my beads and cast on for a bracelet. It was a lot more difficult to crochet the first 4 rows or so with the perle cotton and two beads of the same color in a row:

The left piece is the practice one and the right one is my bracelet. I love it and will definitely be doing more bead crochet!

Saturday we had our monthly AK List Knit Together. We decided to go to Yarn Cafe, which was a big hit. We had about 12 people and had reserved the cushy chairs and couches. I picked up some new sock yarn, just because I like the colors:

It was an absolutely gorgeous spring weekend. Saturday night I went over to Bill and Beth's and we had steaks and corn on the cob on the grill - delicious!

Sunday I had my favorite brunch at 128 Cafe and then headed over to the American Craft Council show. I was a bit disappointed with the offerings this year. There was an awful lot of clothing and a lot of it was chenille. Just not my type of stuff to wear. I did buy a cute small fabric purse, which I think will be perfect for MD S&W. I also bought a necklace and earrings from Keith Lewis Studio.

I got a good bit done on the heart sweater for Saralee's granddaughter:

I'm not a big fan of doing intarsia, but it looks ok. I hope she likes it.