A Good Yarn

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame!

Last week the Minnesota Twins had a Stitch n Pitch night at the ballpark. I had a great time, but I think I was bad luck for Francisco Liriano. He played his worst game in the Major League and the Twins lost - the only loss since the All-Star break and one of only two loss for Liriano. I promise I won't come back to see him again, Twins fans! Despite the loss, the game was a good one and they had a chance to win all the way to the 9th inning. I'm really glad the Twins will have a new outdoor ballpark, but I have to admit I was kind of greatful to be in the air-conditioned comfort of Metrodome. Like everywhere, we've been in the grip of high heat and humidity and it wouldn't have been as comfortable to knit in that stuff. Metrodome is pretty close quarters, especially in the upper deck, so we moved back and spread out to have more elbow room. That's one reason I never knit at Vikings games. There was a pretty nice turnout of knitters. We all got a goodie bag:

Inside the bag we all got a little yarn. Here were my skeins:

We also each got a copy of Cast On and a couple of pattern leaflets. Here's what I got:

You may also notice that we got a pair of straight needles as well. I wasn't super excited about any of the goodies, but I was thrilled to get the goody bag - everybody wants something that's free, free, free! I'll probably use that yarn for some charity knitting projects and give the patterns away. I hope the Twins make this an annual event - I would definitely go again.

I did my July PS papercrafting project, a set of thank you cards:

These were a very labor intensive project even though they look fairly simple. I like how they came out, though. Now I just need to send a few of them out to thank people for my birthday gifts! I also did some knitting:

That's my PS July mitred square. I've only got it pinned out and not sewn together because I haven't steamed it yet. It's too dang hot and humid to be working with my steamer.

I finished up the first blue sock and my silk Ruffles scarf, so I'll have pictures of more knitting soon. I'll also post a couple more movie reviews. So stay tuned!