A Good Yarn

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Exploring the Twin Cities

One of the Yarn Aboard contests involves taking a picture of your explorer with something representative of where you live. I've really enjoyed the pictures I've seen of the places others live, so I thought it'd be fun to introduce Henry Hudson to the Twin Cities. So, where to bring him? Of course when I think Minnesota, I think the Vikings:

But Metrodome has been more like a House of Horrors this year, so that's not the lasting impression I want to leave. One of the most photographed spots in the Twin Cities is the Spoonbridge and Cherry:

For some people, all they know about Minneapolis they learned on the Mary Tyler Moore show, so here's Henry with a statute of Mary tossing up her beret:

Minnesota's motto is "Land of 10,000 Lakes" - here's Henry at my favorite, Como Lake:

The biggest attraction in Minnesota is the Mall of America:

We didn't get too close because it's still mobbed with the after-Christmas sale shoppers.

What most people probably think of when they think Minnesota, is cold and snow, but unfortunately, all I could come up with was this little patch of snow on the green grass out front:

So, which picture do you think I should submit for the contest?