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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Democracy and Knitting

Tuesday I spent the day as an Election Judge. I'll bet most of you here in Minnesota didn't even know there was voting this week. It was the primary election, so not every city and not even every ward in St. Paul had enough candidates to hold a primary. For those that did, turn out was extremely low. In the precinct that I worked, only about 8.5% of the registered voters showed up. Of course, there was just one race to vote in, so not everyone thought it was worth the trip to the polls. Since the turnout was so low, I had plenty of time to knit. I had started a new sock on Monday night and I finished the leg and got through the heel on Tuesday:

These are my purple socks for the last Project Spectrum go around. Also Summer of Socks socks, even though it doesn't feel like summer any more. I don't think I'll be able to finish them by the end of September, but who knows. The yarn is Jojoland and I love it. It's as dark as night in my house right now because we're having a little hailstorm, so the photography conditions aren't perfect. But it is a lovely yarn with very subtle variegation. The pattern is a Jojoland leaflet, Pineapple. I'm not crazy about it - it's called Bramble Stitch - it's a textured stitch that is a little bit lacy. I put it on a string last night and tried it on and it's really tight on my legs, so these will probably be donated or maybe I'll see if they fit my sister.

I did finish my last pair of socks:

Bad lighting again, since I took the picture inside. Sorry :-(

Project Name: Drops Socks with Cable Pattern
Pattern Source: Garnstudio
Yarn: Sweet Socks
Yarn Source: The Sweet Sheep
Date Started: 7/4/07
Date Completed: 9/5/07

Comments: These socks were knit as part of several knitalongs: Project Spectrum, Summer of Socks, and the Sweet Sheep Knitalong. I followed the pattern as written except for making the legs a little shorter, as is my preference. I used the Sweet Socks yarn that I got in the Project Spectrum Sock Club from Sweet Sheep. It's the Vampire colorway, but it wasn't quite as dark as I wanted, so my very kind friend over-dyed them a darker, beautiful red. I love how they came out. They fit really well, even though they look small when they're off my feet. I have quite a bit of yarn leftover, enough for a third sock or a pair of children's socks.

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