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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I finished up my Bead Soup Bracelet last weekend:

Project Name: Bead Soup Bracelet
Designer: Earthfaire Original Design
Pattern Source: kit
Yarn: Kreinik Metallic Thread
Yarn Source: Earthfaire
Date Started: 8/23/07
Date Completed: 8/26/07

Comments: As I mentioned before, I knit this kit up as a purple Project Spectrum kit for the current color grouping. It was an easy and quick knit - I'd say this would be a perfect first project if someone wants to try knitting with beads. The kit easily has enough materials for another bracelet (except the clasp) even with my rather large wrist.

I've also been working on my Tomato and have finished up to where you cast on for the front. I wanted to try it on at that point to make sure it was big enough.

Sorry for the bizarro cropping on it. I wanted to crop out as much of my uncovered bits as possible. It's really hard to take a picture of yourself - you bloggers who are able to do it well are much admired in my book! Anyway, it was hard to try on Tomato with the needle still in, even with a really long needle, because the needle part isn't flexible at all. But it definitely isn't too small - it may be too big. I'll have to slip it on a string and try it on again later. I think I'm going to throw in the bust darts that have been featured in Kniting Daily, so at the point where I think I need to start the darts, I'll try it on again.

I've posted pictures before of a Frankenstein on the front of one of the houses in my neighborhood. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that he had been re-dressed:

That street was under construction for a while, so I couldn't drive on it. I'll bet this was the decoration for the 4th of July though. It still cracks me up when I drive by and see it - I'm easily amused.

And finally, some of the sock club yarns I've gotten recently.

Last month's Amazing Threads shipment was a skein of Rio de la Plata yarn:

I originally got a green/orange/gold colorway that reminded me very much of my parents interior decorating circa 1977. Jenna was nice enough to trade with me for this darker colorway that suits me much better. I'm still not sure if I'll use this yarn, though. It's a very nice, soft yarn, but I'm not crazy about barber stripe yarns.

This month we got this yarn from Amazing Threads:

These are definitely more my colors - yay! As you may recall, I knit a sweater for Jason with Tofutsies last spring. It's a very nice yarn, with a nice drape, but I'm not sure I want to make socks with it. It didn't have a lot of give, so I'm worried about stretchiness. Also, it's a very thin yarn and I tend to knit loosely, so I think I'd have to go down to at least a size 0 needle. Maybe I'll make another baby item with this yarn instead.

And finally from the Sweet Sheep Project Spectrum Club, we got this bit of lovely purple:

It's not as blue as it looks in that picture. I have a really hard time capturing anything with red in it with my camera.

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