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Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Update

It was a gloomy, rainy weekend around here, but I quite enjoyed it. I guess I live in the right place, because I much prefer to be chilly to hot. I quite enjoyed slipping my feet into my fleece-lined slippers - so comfy!

Friday night I had a chance to hang out with Red for a while, so we went to the comic book store and browsed and bought a few comics. Saturday I had apheresis at the Red Cross, so I spent the afternoon hooked up to the machine, reading a book (I'm reading the 3rd Outlander book, Voyager). Saturday night was the monthly get together for one of my knitting groups. We ordered in some food and had a great time gnoshing and knitting and gabbing. I finally started the second red cabled sock.

Sunday I had a nice Indian dinner with a friend and we saw this movie:

The movie stars Anne Hathaway as a young Jane Austen and James McAvoy as a young Irish lawyer, Tom Lefroy. It's a fictional account of Austen's love affair with Lefroy and it's supposed inspiration for Pride and Prejudice. As a piece of classic romance, it's satisfying, but it's probably not very accurate. Overall, I enjoyed the film, but not a lot. I'm not a huge Anne Hathaway fan and although I am a big McAvoy fan, I didn't think he was quite right for this part. I'm not sure what it was - he seemed too modern or just not completely believable. Speaking of too modern, I noticed a quick flash of Jane Austen's thong under her nightgown in one scene - gee, I didn't know thongs were around at the beginning of the 19th century. Around the middle of the film I was really bored and it was feeling very predictable. However, the film did redeem itself for me in the last third. I knew how the film must end because of what I know about Jane Austen and her life, but I didn't know exactly how they were going to get there and it took me along on that ride. I was very caught up in the lovers and their struggles. The film captured a lot of the feelings of a Jane Austen book and made me want to steep myself in Austen then and there. So if you're an Austen fan, I'd say this is worth checking out.

I also started a new project for Project Spectrum last week:

The Tomato sweater from "No Sheep for You." I'm knitting it from some 1824 cotton I had in my stash (yay! Stash Knitting!!) When I started this project it was still kind of hot out, so I didn't want to knit a big wool piece. Now that it's cooling off, I know I'm going to regret starting a summer sweater so late in the season. I'm sure by the time I'm done, it'll be far too cold to wear a short sleeved cotton sweater. So far I like how it's coming out, though.

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