A Good Yarn

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Half Done in Time

The summer of socks is drawing to a close this week and I got one more of my last pair done before it is over:

I do like how it came out and now I think I'll probably keep them after all. Here's the side view:

It's hard to capture red correctly in pictures, and by extension purple, but you get the idea. I really like the subtle color changes. I made the leg 1" shorter than the pattern called for, but I wish I hadn't. As you can see from the side picture, the heel isn't a heel flap type, so it's shallow. I didn't realize that when I started it (because I'm a complete idiot), so I didn't realize how short the legs would be . I like my socks to fall below where my calf starts, but above the ankle - usually about 2" or so above the ankle bone. This sock is more like a true anklet.

I also got my monthly sock club selections. It's the last month of Project Spectrum, so I got the last Project Spectrum Sock Club selection from Sweet Sheep:

I know it's been all purple projects on this blog, but the PS colors for August and September also included brown and orange. This one is called "Milk Chocolate", but for some reason it just screams rootbeer to me.

I also got my Amazing Threads selection for this month and absolutely love it!

This is more of what I was expecting when I joined the club. It's Dream in Color Smooshy in the Cobalt Diablo colorway. It looks more purple in person than it does in that picture, but again, I can't seem to capture red/purple with my camera. This is indeed a smooshy, soft, lovely yarn. Wendy Johnson posted that Smooshy is her favorite sock yarn a few weeks back, which inspired me to buy something very similar to this:

This color is called Visual Purple. It is more purple, but it's very similar to the AT selection. I actually think I like the Cobalt Diablo better. I think I have more purple socks in my future!