A Good Yarn

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ahhhhh, that's better

Thanksgiving was a very nice, relaxing day. The turkey was delicious. The football games weren't very competitive, though. Since I was bored and disiniterested in the Cowboys winning again, I took Michael to see this movie:

Eh. It was ok. Nice looking animation and a few chuckles, but not really funny or that entertaining. I actually started to doze off a couple of times. You probably already know the story - Jerry Seinfeld voices the lead bee, Barry, who is just graduating and ready to choose his job in the hive. But he doesn't want to be just a worker bee, he wants to explore the world, so he flies outside the hive with the "pollen jocks" and falls in love with a florist, voiced by the tastefully named Renee Zellweger, after she saves him from being killed by her loud-mouthed boyfriend. Yes, there's a bee-woman love story here. Which is kind of creepy, in my opinion. Michael liked it and it was pleasant enough, just not up to my high expectations for Mr. Seinfeld.

I knit a little bit on Michael's Quidditch Sweater (when I was at home, not with him. It's sort of a surprise, because he picked all sorts of things out of the book). For someone who is tired of knitting grey ribbing, I made a stupid mistake. I somehow mis-remembered that I did all of the sleeve increases before I started the green stripe. Um, no. So when I finished the increases, it was already too long. So I had to rip back to where I was supposed to start the green and continue on. It probably was only about an hour's worth of knitting, but it was frustrating!! I only have a tiny little ball of green yarn left, so I'm afraid I am going to run out before I finish the neckband. I'll have to see if I have another skein of that dark green Woolease in my stash. Anyway, just have to finish the top of the sleeve shaping, sew the pieces together and do the neckband and that's done too!! Easily finished before Christmas.

But I also started another Christmas gift, this time for Michael's sister, Jessica. And it's in blessed pink, red and orange. As I was winding the yarn up, it looked fantastic in front of my pink and orange curtains:

I love this yarn and I think I'm going to have to pick up a couple of skeins for myself to make socks with. It's Koigu, color P803D. I'm making a pair of wristers from "Knits for All Seasons" with it:

Fast and Easy Project.

I had to work yesterday and had a meeting all morning, but I still wouldn't have gone shopping yesterday. I hate crowds and those Black Friday shoppers are scary. I did nip into Joann's after dinner last night and picked up some Paton's Classic Wool that was on sale for $3 a skein. I'm going to make the Hedgerow Coat from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 with this yarn.