A Good Yarn

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mid Week

Well, I was half right. It was so much fun to watch Adrian Peterson on Sunday!! Yes, it was an extremely exciting day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the team actually won, despite several turnovers. Adrian is also on my fantasy football team, so I had quite a productive day in fantasy football as well! Life is good.

As you may have heard, the WGA strike has begun. The late night chat shows are in re-runs. Most of the sitcoms have stopped production because the writers keep working on those right up to when filming starts. Some of the dramas have started to shut down either because they don't have any more scripts or because the showrunners are not crossing the picket line. It's been interesting to see which actors have visited the picket lines. The tv writer for one of the local papers wrote that he thinks this strike is going to last at least until March. Expect to see a lot of reality tv after Christmas if that happens - it sounds like CBS is going to try to bring their Big Brother show back for a winter run. This could get ugly, folks.

Since I still have good shows to watch, I am making progress on my boring knitting projects. I put the shoulders together and am about 2/3 done with the first sleeve.

Yesterday was election day, so I got some knitting time in between voters again. There were only a couple of races in St. Paul this year - City Council and School Board. There was still over 20% turnout at the precinct I was working, which is pretty good for such a short ballot. Next year is going to be crazy busy, though, with the Presidential and Senatorial elections. I worked on the Quidditch socks, but once I finished the foot because I forgot to bring the green yarn (idiot!). So I started the second "car knitting" sock - the feather and fan one in lime green Panda Wool. It was nice to get that bright splash of color, but I need to mix in something red or purple or pink pretty soon. Green and gray are just putting me to sleep!

I want to close with a "present" for Chappy's Mom. As you may recall from last year, she loves calendars and has requested a look see at everyone's calendar for her birthday. Last year I had a bunch of calendars to show off, but this year I only have one:

It's a fantastic movie poster calendar that I got from a friend for a Hanukkah present. I didn't get a knitting wall calendar this year. At the office, I'm using a free calendar that I got from my Congresswoman that has pictures of Washington, DC on it. I don't know why I lost my calendar mojo this year. Usually I have too many calendars to find a place for.