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Monday, March 10, 2008

More movies

I know this blog has become all movies, all the time, but I promise there will be knitting content. I've recently been knitting something I don't want to blog about, so that puts a crimp in things. But I also have started a new pair of socks and I'm almost done with Jessica's hoodie, so I do have some blog fodder some day. In the mean time, I saw some movies this weekend:

Be Kind, Rewind is directed by Michel Gondry and stars Mos Def as a video store clerk, Mike, and Jack Black as his best friend, Jerry. The video store is owned by Mr. Fletcher, played by Danny Glover. The video store is in trouble, so Mr. Fletcher pretends to leave town for a few days while he actually scopes out the fancy chain store in town - you know, the one that actually has DVDs instead of video tapes. He leaves Mike in charge of the store and while he's gone, Jerry comes in and erases all of the tapes after he's become magnetized while trying to sabotage the power plant he lives next to. The guys decide to re-enact some of the videos so the customers can still watch the movies and maybe Mr. Fletcher won't find out they screwed up. Their movies catch on and become very popular.

I must be the target audience for Michel Gondry because I find his films charming and amusing (he previously directed The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). The set up is completely improbable, the world the characters live in is unrecognizable as reality and the ending is totally cheesy, but darn it, I just enjoyed myself so much watching this film. I loved the characters and wanted things to turn out well for them and I loved their movies. So, I guess if you like something kind of off-beat and different, check it out. Especially if you love movies and feel a personal connection to them.

This weekend was also a Talk Cinema weekend and the film was a French mystery/love story:

In English this is being marketed as either "Crossed Tracks" or simply "Tracks." I'm not sure if this will get much of a release state-side so I won't go into any great detail. As I mentioned there's a murder mystery and a love story and it was pretty engaging, but I doubt it'll stay with me for long.

I had the great pleasure of seeing this, too:

U2 is one of my favorite bands and this was definitely a must see for everyone else who loves them. It was filmed in South America during the last tour and really envelopes you with the 3D process. The visuals are amazing and you feel like you're really in the crowd. The digital sound is also fantastic. I just loved Adam Clayton's bass and the Edge's guitar in New Year's Eve and Where the Streets Have No Name. They also did a pairing of Sunday, Bloody Sunday and Bullet the Blue Sky, which I've seen them do in concert before, but am thrilled to see again. Two great songs which go so great together. The film is strictly concert footage - there's no interviews or behind the scenes stuff. The 3D effects are almost all just to make you feel like you're actually at a concert, though there is one part where Bono reaches toward you as if to touch you and there are a couple of visuals that float in front of you - mostly words. This film is not being planned to be released on home video, so instead of drinking green beer to celebrate St. Paddy's Day, why not go see Ireland's favorite sons?

To bring knitting back into the blog a little bit, I will post this great poster I saw at the Edina:

I saw a preview for this documentary a few weeks ago and it looks great. Here's a preview: