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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

C is for Cashmere

Oh my gosh, I'm so far behind in my blogging!! I feel like I'm falling out of the blogging family, because I am posting so infrequently and don't have time to read and comment as much as I used to. I need to get settled into a schedule that includes some computer time!

Anyway, I'm going to try to get as caught up as I can without having an unmanageable post. Maybe I can post twice this week! Since I'm so far behind with it, I'll start with the ABC-Along

C is for Cashmere

Like most knitters, I love yarn. And the yarn I love most of all is cashmere. I just love the soft feel of it as you knit it. And the drape of the fabric that cashmere makes. And cashmere is mostly on the thinner side, which I prefer over the big fat yarns. I grabbed some of the cashmere and cashmere blends out of my stash for this picture. Apparently what I REALLY like is some red cashmere. Because that's a lot of red.

Speaking of red, I have a finished object, too:

Yes, my legs really are that ghostly pale. Scary. Here are the particulars:

Project Name: Monkey Socks
Designer: Cookie A.
Pattern Source: Knitty
Yarn: Wollmeise - Maria's Deepest Purple colorway
Yarn Source: Wollmeise
Date Started: 12/2X/07
Date Completed: 2/16/08
Comments: As I mentioned before, this is my first pair of Monkey socks and I really like them. It's a great pattern that isn't hard to knit, but keeps things interesting. It fits really nicely on my foot, too, I think. This was my first time using Wollmeise and I love it. It's very tightly spun, so it's not as soft and cushy as something like Socks That Rock or Smooshy, but it is a great yarn for textured knitting. The texture really pops. And the colors are amazing. So, so beautiful. My poor photography doesn't so it justice. I love how the heels look too:

As always, I made the legs shorter than the pattern called for. Otherwise I followed the pattern exactly. I accidentally knit the second sock one repeat longer on the foot than the first, so I had to rip back and re-do the toe - just my own inability to count. I had a ton of yarn left over in the skein - probably enough for another pair of socks if a different color was used for the heels and toes. I highly recommend you add some Wollmeise to your stash!

I mentioned my beading projects in my last post and here's the last kit I made:

My bad photography strikes again, but that pendant is a really pretty stone with some sparkle in it. I like the detail of having the toggle at the front instead of in the back of the neck. Super easy necklace.

I guess that'll be it for now. I have a couple of movie reviews and my top ten of the year list for you next time. I've bought some yarn that I may come clean on. And I've started a couple more projects. Come on back, now, ya hear?

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