A Good Yarn

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I managed to finish the other Alien Tooth Fairy Pillow last night, just in time for giving to the boys this evening.

They're both the same size - I don't know why the one on the right looks smaller - some sort of optical illusion. Anyway, when I was taking the picture of the pillows, Fiona let me take a picture of her, but she still wouldn't look at the camera:

She's a shy one, that girl. She's also a sick one. We've started the endless vet visits and testing to try to figure out what's wrong with her, but still not sure. She's the same age Finbar was, so I'm sure a lot of it is age.

Last week was a light week work-wise, so I finally managed to inventory all of the handknits that were donated for the Pine Ridge Reservation. Wow! That's a lot of stuff. I already sent off the baby clothes to an agency that works with infants. Here's what we sent:

7 baby sweaters - so very, very cute!

3 pairs of baby booties/socks and 10 baby hats.

The rest of the kid and adult stuff will be sent to a battered women's shelter on the reservation. A lot of the time the moms and their kids arrive at the shelter without even the meager possessions they have, so the need there is huge. I'll take pictures of the rest of the stuff and post those before I ship it off.