A Good Yarn

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Friday night I saw this film:

Boy, is this an unforgettable movie! It's based on the true story of Dieter Dengler, a navy pilot who was shot down in Laos during his first bombing mission during the Vietnam War. As you may recall, we were secretly bombing Laos, so a full out rescue attempt probably wasn't in the cards. In any case, he was captured by the Vietnamese and tortured and eventually put in a POW camp with a couple of other Americans and some Vietnamese soldiers. Dieter immediately sets out to escape the camp. Dieter is played by Christian Bale, who is brilliant as usual. This man is such a brilliant, versatile actor! Minnesota boy Steve Zahn and Jeremy Davies play the other American POWs and all three actors were incredibly emaciated for the roles - Zahn and Davies especially. Bale lost quite a bit of weight, but wasn't quite as thin as he was in The Machinist. I'm worried about the long term effects of his weight fluctuations, though - from the barely there character in The Machinist to the bulked up Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins and then back down to scrawny for this film and I assume he's bulked up again for the next Batman movie - that can't be good. But anyway, he's incredible in this film. It's directed by Werner Herzog who also directed a documentary about Dieter Dengler called "Little Dieter Needs to Fly". He was obviously very inspired by Mr. Dengler to have made two films about his life, but his life is pretty damn inspiring. Although this is a war movie and Dieter seems your typical hero, this isn't your typical action film. There are almost no battle scenes and very little action. There's just the realistic drama of one man's will to survive in horrific circumstances. It was emotionally gripping. Bale makes Dieter so real - he's amazing and heroic, but also really strange and quirky. I also loved the relationship between Dieter and Zahn's character. If you're interested in a real, moving film this summer, this is a must see.

I also knit up a little beaded project for this colorway in Project Spectrum - right under the wire again!

Black and metallic (the orange beads are silver-lined, giving them a metallic look) for June and July. This little bracelet knit up in one afternoon. The thread is a nylon thread from "On The Surface". It was all a kit from Deanna's Vintage Style. I think I bought the kit at Yarnover or maybe Mary Lue's. The kit was missing one packet of black beads, so I used some beads from stash for the largest black beads.