A Good Yarn

Monday, July 02, 2007

Auntie Week

It's not that unusual for me to go a week without posting, so you probably didn't even notice that I didn't post last week, but my reasons for not posting were unusual. My nephew Michael, was staying with me for the week while he attended "Movie Magic Camp" at the Science Museum, so I had to play auntie for the week and get into a regular schedule. He had to be at camp by 8:00 every morning, so I had to get up much earlier than is my normal practice. In the evenings, we usually did something fun together, so I really didn't have much time for blogging, although I had plenty of time for blog reading since I got to the office so early in the morning! :-)

Michael had a ball at movie camp. They learned all about the history of film and how movies are made - acting, directing, editing, special effects, costumes, make up, etc. They got to make a short film themselves and we got to watch the films on Friday afternoon. I think Michael plans to make more films on his own, now. Here's his superhero costume from the film that he made in camp:

I contributed to the costume by supplying some red yarn for the cape's ties. Good thing I've got that stash handy, huh? Here's some of his make up and acting:

Brilliant, isn't he? On Monday night we went to the bookstore and hunted through the new and used books for some good ones. Michael, like his dad and I were at his age, is a voracious reader. I don't read as much as I used to now that I'm knitting so much. And, you know, working and cleaning the house and all that grown up stuff.

Tuesday night Michael and I usually meet up with Bill and Red and whoever is around in his family at the park, so we just did that as usual. Wednesday night we went to the zoo:

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and perfect for the zoo. Then we both got our hair cut. Not quite the bonding experience that I usually have when his sister Jessica and I go get pedicures - boys! Thursday we decided to check out the new Pompeii exhibit since we were already at the Science Museum. I've been to Pompeii and it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. If you aren't able to get to Italy, this is a very nice way to learn about Vesuvius and life in Pompeii before the eruption. The exhibit includes an audio tour, which I always really enjoy. We also saw the Omnifilm about Greece, which was gorgeous, but a little slow moving.

It was really fun to "play mommy" for a week and this year we didn't even have time to do crafts together since we were out and about so much. We had fun though and it also made me appreciate all the time I get to spend doing whatever I want and the great flexibility of my schedule. I got to sleep in until after 8:00 this morning and just loved it!