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Saturday, July 07, 2007

On my birthday, I also managed to finish up my Disco Lights Scarf during my pedicure:

Still can't see the sparkly little sequins in the picture, but that color of red is closer to reality than the close up I showed last time. Here are the specs:

Project Name: Disco Lights Scarf
Designer: Me, I guess
Pattern Source: I just googled eyelet rib pattern and found it somewhere, I don't remember where. I think a Lion Brand pattern maybe.
Yarn: Tilli Tomas Disco Lights
Yarn Source: Little Knits (evil yarn store because it has fantastic sales that are hard to resist)
Date Started: 6/17/07
Date Completed: 7/1/07

Comments: I posted before about my difficulties figuring out what pattern and what size needles to use for this scarf. I'm happy with the finished product. One skein of yarn knit a nice size scarf. It's too darn hot to wear now, though.

You can also see the other project I'm working on this long weekend if you look to the left of the door - I'm painting my living room green. Too bright for many, I'm sure, but I love it. I think it looks great with the moldings in the room that are the same dark brown wood as the front door. I'm only half way done with the room, though. The difference between that the ugly sponge painting that I did about 15 years ago when I moved in is amazing, though. You can see the sponge painting in the picture of Michael a couple of posts ago, if you want.

Anyway, I've also been working on my Weeping Willow Shawl. In fact, I finished the body of the shawl and now I'm just doing the edging. Yay! I took these progress pictures before I finished the body, but ran out of time to post, so I'll just use them now:

Just looks like a blog, doesn't it? Here's a close up of a section sort of spread out:

This thing gave me fits in that heavily lacy part with the chevrons. I'd make a mistake and the rows would be so long it would take me forever to figure out where the mistake was made, tink back to that place and then fix it. I never had to go back more than that row, though, so I guess that's good. Here's what I did to help myself:

It's kind of hard to see anything but red, but I color coded the chart. Red is ssk, blue is K2Tog and green is a double decrease. I used some highlighter tape that Kerry gave me to mark the rows as I went. The tape is great because it's like post it note adhesive, so you can replace it over and over again. It's see through so you can see the row you just knit but it's easy to keep track of which line you're actually on. And when you're done knitting, the chart isn't all marked up like if you used a real highlighter. Not that I'd probably knit this pattern again. Normally I use copious amounts of stitch markers to keep track of things on my knitting too, but with this pattern I would have had to move them around to make my decreases so often that I decided it wasn't worth it. I just had one stitch marker for the middle of the shawl.

I also started a new pair of socks - a pattern KAL, project spectrum and Summer of Socks project all wrapped into one. But I'll show you that after I have more than just an inch of ribbing on the needles.

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