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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

An Abundance of Riches

Last week I picked up the door prize that I won at Needlework Unlimited during the Shop Hop:

I was just thrilled with my prize! It totally makes up for not winning anything last year. I got a skein of some cotton sock yarn:

And a skein of Megaboots stretch - I have never knit with this yarn so I'm really excited to try it out because I've heard such good things:

I also got two skeins of Colinette yarn (Silky Chic and Firecracker) and a couple different patterns for scarves that use these yarns.

Those bright and cheerful colors are right up my alley, too! There were also a couple of patterns and some yarn bobbins tucked in there too. Thank you so much Karen/Needlework Unlimited!

My luck lasted a bit longer, too and I won a prize on Darlene's blog for being the 50th entry in her yarn contest, some very cute stitch markers:

Thank you Darlene!!

And I paid for it, but I got some more yarny mail when the October Sock Club arrived from Amazing Threads:

Opal Socken Zirkus and a basic pattern for toe up socks on two circular needles.

And although the yarn is coming in faster than it's going out, I did finish one sock. These are my current car knitting, so I just work on them when I'm out and about and have some free time:

For someone who doesn't like lace socks, I seem to be knitting a lot of them lately, eh? I actually really like how these fit. They're from Socks, Socks, Socks and knit in Panda Wool yarn, which I really like a lot.

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