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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Christmas Knitting

I'm all about the Christmas knitting now. After all of that lovely purple I was knitting in August and September, I'm in a world of gray and dark green. This is how my little knitting corner looks these days:

Knitting for boys is decidedly less colorful than knitting for me! Not that I don't like green. Especially when it's paired with a lovely purple, like in this sock yarn:

I was in Borealis looking for some yarn for a sweater that my niece Jessica requested for Christmas and I just couldn't leave that sock yarn behind, despite my vow to not buy myself any more yarn until the new year. It was just too pretty!! I may give myself a free pass tomorrow too. There's a shop hop at some of the local yarn stores again this year and it's this weekend. I was going to avoid it so as to avoid the temptation, but I'm feeling too left out. I'm not going to be so compulsive about buying something at every store this year, though.

And I am making some progress on those holiday knitting projects. It isn't all buying yarn, all the time. Here's the front of Michael's Quidditch Sweater:

I know it looks awfully long and skinny. The ribbing is supposed to be slightly stretch on the body, so it'll be wider and a bit shorter when worn. Hopefully. Michael is pretty long and skinny himself, so perhaps it'll be perfect without the stretching. An entire sweater in ribbing is really boring, by the way.

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