A Good Yarn

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Combo Platter

I did indeed do the shop hop on Friday. I did all but one store, so I think I'll head over to that last one today and then post about the whole thing next time. Despite letting myself off the hook as far as buying something at every store, this time I just wanted to. But I bought less in total than I did last time, so I suppose that's good. I do like the things I picked up, too.

Thursday night I was going to attend a sneak preview of a movie, but it was all full by the time I got there. But a friend and I did get to enjoy a really good dinner at a restaurant I had never been to before, Namaste Cafe in Uptown Minneapolis. It's a charming restaurant in an old house. The rooms are painted orange and yellow and the art on the walls is gorgeous. I really coveted a picture near our table for my own green walls. We got two different curries and shared them - Kathmandu curry and almond curry. We both really enjoyed both of them. We got them only medium hot and they weren't very spicy, so I wouldn't hesitate to ask for the spice level you really like. I will definitely be making another stop at this restaurant.

Last night was our semi-regular movie night with some friends from law school. It was a small group, but we saw a great movie:

Gorgeous George plays the title character, a former prosecutor who has become the "fixer" for a big corporate law firm - fixing the sticky wickets of firm attorneys and clients, such as DWIs, blackmailing mistresses, etc. He's sort of a corporate version of Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction. Clooney's performance in the film is amazing. Remember the days when George would deliver all of his lines with his head sort of cocked to the side and looking out from under his long eyelashes? Those days are long gone. He gives such a subtle, multi-layered performance. You can see the Clooney charm and intelligence and see how he could be a guy who fixes problems by smooth talking his way through things. But you also see a man who is just tired and scared. It's pretty amazing. The film itself is a sort of legal thriller - it's the kind of film that I think John Grisham wishes his books were. Really smart and complicated and fast-paced and just fascinating. I don't want to give away any of the plot because I think some of what makes it work is that it just jumps right into the story and you're sort of off-balance and then it goes back and explains how things came to be and things are revealed bit by bit. It doesn't depend on a lot of explanation, trusting the audience to connect the dots. It also has perhaps my favorite ending title sequence of all time.

And since this is a knitting blog, sort of, here's my Cardigan for Merry all blocked out:

As you can see, I was able to block out the cabled edge pretty much even with the rest of the front. Hopefully it'll look ok once it's all done. Here's a closer look at that gorgeous cable:

I love the cable. It's reversible, so I have grand plans to knit it up with a chunky yarn for a scarf.