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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hey, it's me again!

Did you miss me? Probably not, because that week rushed right by and you didn't even notice I was gone :-) The new job is going very well. I really like it and I'm really glad I made the change. I haven't adjusted to the new schedule, yet though. I'm so tired every night and even though I may be getting close to the same amount of sleep, I'm just so tired. Its like jet lag, I guess. Eventually I'll get used to it. So, between the new job, continuing to finish up stuff for the old job, and social engagements, I have hardly had a minute to knit. But, I did finish one small Christmas gift:

Project Name: Dori's a Genius
Designer: Julie Carles and Jordana Jacobs
Pattern Source: The Yarn Girls' Guide to Knits for All Seasons
Yarn: Koigu KPPPM
Yarn Source: Needlework Unlimited
Date Started: 11/23/07
Date Completed: 12/6/07

Comments: Even though it took me about two weeks to make them, it's just because I had so little knitting time. They're really a fast and easy project. They are knit with just one skein of Koigu, so it's a great project to use up your orphan skeins of sock yarn. You knit with the yarn doubled. The pattern calls for size 9 needles, but I'm a loose knitter so I started with size 8. I felt like it was still too loose, so after the ruffle, I switched to size 7s. I had less than a yard of yarn left when I finished - I love when that happens! Here's a picture that is less eye-blindingly bright, but not very clear, showing how they look on the hand. It's hard to take pictures of your own hand!

One of the things I did this week is see this film:

Great movie, but I was a little disappointed. It's sort of a girls' answer to another great movie from this year, Knocked Up. Ellen Page plays a 16 year old girl who gets pregnant after she has sex with her best friend played by Michael Cera. The script was written by Diablo Cody, who used to live here in the Twin Cities and wrote for City Pages. The film is set in a fictional northern suburb, so there are a few references to Twin Cities places, which is kind of fun for us locals. The script is wonderful, full of humor and dialog that is just a treat to listen to. One of my slight disappointments is just that no one is as smart and funny and talks like Juno does. But it's still really fun to watch and listen to. The script is brought to life by the amazing cast. Ellen Page delivers those lines with perfect timing and pace and really brings real heart to the character - she does show that Juno isn't quite as smart and sophisticated as she thinks she is. Michael Cera is his usual hilarious, deadpan self. Another small disappointment - this is he same character he played in Superbad and before that in my all time favorite tv show, Arrested Development. He's got it down pat and is hilarious, but I'd love to see him play someone that's just a little bit different. Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons are two of my favorite character actors. They play Juno's parents and each has a great scene with Ellen Page. Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman play a couple from St. Cloud who want to adopt Juno's baby. They both do a fantastic job with their roles also. Really an amazing ensemble - I wouldn't be surprised if they picked up the Actor's Guild award for Best Ensemble. My biggest problem with the film, though, was that I felt like I had already seen the whole outline of the film and most of the best lines in previews. Perhaps because of the local connection, I was really interested in this film and they promoted the hell out of it and I think I saw every promo they made. It's my own fault. When you love movies and want to find out what's out there and what you should watch, sometimes you find out too much and I think this is one of those cases for me. I think if I had seen this film before I knew anything about it or if I just sort of knew what it was about, I would have just loved it. But hilarious scenes and lines that I'd already heard a few times just didn't have the same thrill for me. I would definitely recommend seeing it, though.

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