A Good Yarn

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Christmas. I certainly did. I started the day with this happy news:

Yes, my fantasy football team is Big Dawgs and I won our championship!! Yay!!! I'm the only woman in our league, so it's always a little extra victory for us ladies when I win. My brother also won the consolation bracket championship, so it was a clean sweep for the Ladd family this year!

I spent the day with said brother and his kids and enjoyed a delicious meal and got some really nice gifts. My brother knows me so well. I ALMOST finished Michael's sweater. I had it all seamed but one side seam when I decided that the sleeve I sewed in wrong side out just bugged me too much to leave, so I ripped it off and wrapped it as it was and finished it while we watched "Fargo". I think it turned out very nicely:

Project Name: Quidditch Sweater
Designer: Anne Bergeron
Pattern Source: Charmed Knits
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease
Yarn Source: Either Michael's or Joann's, I can't remember which
Date Started: 10/1/07
Date Completed: 12/25/07

Comments: I knit this in the Slytherin colors per Michael's request - he just likes those colors together. This is a well written, straight forward sweater. It shouldn't have taken me so long to knit, but I got really short on knitting time in November and December.

The ribbing is rather hugging, so Michael acted like a goofball for that picture and stood stiffly and refused to smile, but I think it felt pretty ok, because he kept it on and I mostly saw him looking like this:

Yes, he got a PSP from his daddy. I'm pleased with the length on the arms. I kept vascillating on how long to make them because I failed to measure his wingspan. I couldn't get him to put down the PSP long enough to try on the socks, but I think they'll fit ok.

Jessica also got a sweater piece, this time still on the needles, which she found hilarious. She liked the yarn a lot, so I think that'll be a hit too. I also gave her the wristers and she wore them the rest of the day, so overall I think the Christmas knitting went over well. Now I just need to finish up Jason's hoodie. All I have left is to finish kitchnering the hood, sewing on the buttons and making the button loops. Except I don't have buttons, so I need to pick those up before the weekend. I wish there was a fabric/yarn store in downtown St. Paul so I could do it over lunch. Probably better in the long run that there isn't, though.

I didn't knit anything for my niece Alexis this year, but she requested a beaded bracelet so I made a nice pink girly one for her tonight:

A little knitting and beading, some good food, one of my favorite movies and time with my family - a great holiday, I'd say!