A Good Yarn

Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great New Year celebration, whatever you did. I went to my boyfriend Johnny Depp's new movie on New Year's Eve and enjoyed it quite much. I'll do a review next time.

For today, I want to participate in the recipe box "meme" that was started over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. Here's one of my recipe boxes:

Ugly, isn't it? If they give a prize for ugliest recipe box, I think I'd have a good shot at winning. But it's very precious to me, because it was my maternal grandfather's recipe box. Before she died, my maternal grandmother gave it to me, and it's just a treasure. When she gave it to me, I was hoping it would be filled with recipes for the food I remember eating at their house. It's full, but I don't remember most of the recipes that are in there:

You may have noticed the magnet on top of the box in the first picture. I'm not sure if that was something they kept with the box or it just happened to be stuck to it when Nana gave it to me. I'm guessing maybe they kept it with the box and then used it to stick the recipe they wanted to use to the fridge. Even though some of the recipes I was hoping would be in there aren't, I love looking at what is in there, because some of the recipes are handwritten:

Most of the cards are in Nana's handwriting. Nana didn't really cook much, Grandpa Pat did most of the cooking. But I guess he didn't like his writing and so Nana wrote up the recipes for him. I love seeing that familiar handwriting, now that she's gone.

There is one recipe in there that was very familiar. Nana did make this one and she taught it to me as a teenager. I have a handwritten copy she gave me in my own recipe box (which truth be told, is equally ugly - a brown plastic monstrosity). I didn't know she got the recipe from a newspaper, but obviously she did. It's not fancy or anything - it's sort of one of those simple, midwestern sturdy foods, I guess. But I make them fairly regularly. Back in the days when Bill and I were dating, he loved it when I made these ribs.