A Good Yarn

Friday, January 28, 2005

Ding! Ding! Ding! FO!!

As promised, I finished the Joan Jett doll and here's the proof:

Once again, my embroidery sucks. It's really hard to embroider the face because the head is picked up and knit in the round, so it's like you're trying to embroider on the heel of a sock, knit a worsted weight yarn. Plus I don't work in the ends because they're just going to be sewn up anyway, so I had a bunch of yarn to work around too. I was going to make a Billie Joe Armstrong for Jessica too, but I've already got a bunch of other projects lined up, so I think I'm going to wait a bit on that. I'm getting annoyed at dealing with all the little fiddly parts, so I need a break anyway. I'm definitely still going to do it for her though.

Stash Enhancement

I went to The Yarnery to pick up the yarn for those projects that are lined up next. I'll show those purchases once I cast on, but I also picked up two skeins in the sale room:

I love Lamb's Pride Worsted for felting, so I figured a skein of white wouldn't be bad to add to the stash. The purple is Mountain Colors Mountain Goat. I picked up a skein of this a couple of months ago and just loved it, so I couldn't pass up another skein at 25% off. Here's a closeup of the colors:

Last night I knit up the Elann samples. There's some nice cotton coming up for sale in February!

Doggy Time

Despite the fact that the dogs started barking and woke me up again, I'm less annoyed with them today. I guess it's because they let me sleep in a bit longer before they started begging me to let them out. As usual, Finbar was close when I was taking the photos. I was going to take a picture of him with one of his toys. I said "Go get your toy." He looked very alert:

He loves to play catch. Then he started sniffing around his toy basket, looking for just the right toy:

No, he's not spoiled. Fiona doesn't play with toys, so every toy in that huge basket is Finbar's. I have no idea what he's sniffing for in trying to choose just the right toy, but he usually does that when I tell him to get a toy. Apparently he didn't find it, because he came back without a toy and just wanted belly-scratches and love.