A Good Yarn

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Blocking FOs

The blocking on Sexie worked really well. This yarn blocks beautifully. The edges are not turning in at all. Unfortunately, the Coca-cola splatter did not wash out. I washed it on gentle in the washer. Maybe when Jessica throws it in the regular wash as I'm sure she'll do, that'll work. This is a very slippery yarn, so I tacked down all the ends with a little thread. I hope that keeps the ends from coming loose. The very ends are poking through to the front, though.

Knitting for Friends

I met with my first Guardian ad Litem supervisor for lunch at Muffaletta yesterday. She taught me so much about being a good advocate for children and is a real mentor to me. We've remained close even after her retirement, so I was so glad to see her and catch up!! We also talked about knitting - she had a case with kids living in Wabasha, which is a pretty long drive from St. Paul, so I used to ride along with her when she did home visits and I always knit in the car. Her daughter recently had a baby, so she wanted me to bring along some patterns so she could pick out a sweater for me to knit for her grandbaby. The baby also wears a lot of hats, so I suggested a pumpkin hat because her birthday is in September. She also was interested in a sweater with a hood. I immediately thought of the Wonderful Wallaby. Then I remembered I already had knit a hooded cardigan in Plush and had a pumpkin hat in my stash. That was easy!! Here they are:

I also thought of the little Ugg booties and hat that I've been wanting to knit. Saralee grew up in a very affluent, east coast family, so "Uggs" would be perfect and so cute. So that's my next project to knit. She also picked out the heart sweater on the cover of Tadpoles & Tiddlers.

New Project

Yesterday I cast on for Alexis' poncho. Here's how far I got:

Here's a close up of the point:

The beaded stitch marker is one of the Goddess markers I bought from Susan, which she's selling as a fundraiser for Care International for Tsunami Relief. Isn't it beautiful? I like this yarn - it's really, really soft. It's made of one strand of rayon chenille and one strand of eyelash.


Thanks, Senator Dayton, for speaking up against the nomination of Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State and representing me.

"My vote against this nomination is my statement that this administration's lying must stop now," Dayton said on the Senate floor. "I don't like to impugn anyone's integrity, but I really don't like being lied to repeatedly, flagrantly, intentionally," he said. "It's wrong. It's undemocratic, it's un-American, and it's dangerous.

"And it is occurring far too frequently in this administration. And this Congress, this Senate must demand that it stop now."