A Good Yarn

Friday, January 21, 2005

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It's finally looking like winter around here. We got some snow yesterday and we're getting quite a bit today. Yeah! I hate the cold we had we had last week, but I love the snow!

I've been productive with the knitting this week. I'm almost done with Sexie:

I've got to finish the other top tie, then make a long tie for cinching up the back. I hope this fits Jessica, because I ended up using much less yarn than called for in the pattern. Of course, this yarn tends to stretch, so if it's small at first, it'll fit eventually. Jess is tiny, so it's probably fine.

I also finally finished the scarf for the scarf exchange. No picture here though in case the recipient reads this blog. I'd like it to be a surprise. I hope she likes it. She sent two different yarns and I wasn't exactly sure what the yardage was on one of them so I started a pattern using both equally. Turns out I had a lot more of one of them, so I had to stop when I ran out of the other yarn. It definitely could have been longer, but it's not unusable.

Yesterday I didn't knit because I was busy shopping and card making. I'm going to see the bride from the wedding I went to at the Zoo at the end of November and I'd like to give her a wedding gift. So, I went shopping for the gift and decided to make a card for her and the groom:

I stole the design from my Mother's Card design last year, but it seemed appropriate since she had butterflies on her invitations and on the wedding cake.