A Good Yarn

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I received another set of stitch markers in the Stitch Marker Swap.

These are from Jen. They're really cute, aren't they? I think the green one is my favorite. I like the leaves too - yesterday I saw a bracelet made with those leaf beads and thought it was really cute.

I saw this movie on Friday:

Really good movie! It really draws you in and makes you think. It does have some violence (obviously) and some explicit sex scenes, so it's not for everyone. It's interesting to see how violence begets violence, which begets even more violence. It's based on a graphic novel and I think it retains a very good visual style. It doesn't look like the drawings, but there are frames that look like they could be in a graphic novel. I'm not a huge Viggo Mortenson fan, but he did a really good job in portraying a man who starts out as a low-key family man and ends up very differently. There are some great supporting performances from Maria Bello, William Hurt, Ed Harris and the kid who plays Viggo's son.

Saturday I had lunch with Beth and Bill and took a nice walk along the Mississippi River - it was a gorgeous day here. The leaves are changing, so it looks beautiful, but it was really sunny and warm. I met up with Kerry and we knit at our favorite coffee shop. I actually finished up another couple of quick projects:

Project Name: Easy Hat
Designer: Judy McDowell
Pattern Source: Yarn Label
Yarn: Northern Lights Handpaints
Yarn Source: Northern Lights Handspinner's Guild
Date Started: 10/1/05
Date Completed: 10/1/05

Comments: I bought this yarn at the Shepherd's Harvest in 2004 from the Northern Lights Handspinner's Guild booth. It is Blue Sky Alpacas yarn - 50% wool and 50% alpaca. It was handpainted by the Spinner's Guild. Proceeds from the sale of the yarn went to Heifer International. I bought two skeins so I could make a hat for myself, but when I wound them into balls, I decided to make two children's hats for charity instead. I don't think I'd wear such a colorful hat and the two skeins aren't really close enough colors. I ran out of yarn knitting the first hat, so I made the second hat 2 stitches smaller and ended up a couple of extra yards, so I don't think they were both the same length. I made both hats in one day - I don't usually like knitting with size 15 needles, but it is nice to finish up a project so quickly!

After working on the same projects for so long, I'm in the mood for some quick projects. I should have something else to post after today, too.