A Good Yarn

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's the Little Things

Things can be overwhelmingly depressing sometimes (Katrina, the war, 40 years with John Roberts as Chief Justice...), so you have to take comfort and joy in the little things. Like my clean kitchen. I see the clean floors, the clean countertops, the sparkling shelves in the fridge, and I just feel happy. Or a day at the State Fair. I thought I'd post some of Bill's photos:

Me and Michael. I'm so glad that Bill waited until my hair was wet to take a picture....

The boys had a great time with this big crane. You had to try to scoop up some gravel/sand and then release it into the back of a dump truck. When you successfully completed the task, you got a mini frisbee. There was a 30 year old guy who took forever while all the kids were lining up for a try.

Red at the parade. As you can see, Bill made "rain coats" for the boys with plastic bags that they were handing out at the fair. The purple bag was also a freebie and the boys filled it up with other swag.

Red and Michael in the MN-DOT booth. Don't they look like they're having fun? They chased each other around in the rain in this big display while Bill and I rested under the shelter.

Love this one. Shows how wet and bedraggled we all got. And yet, Red looks so game for more. This was a farming display the boys loved. You put on an apron and grabbed a basket. Then you go from barn to barn or field to do farming tasks - you gather some grain, then go feed the chickens and gather an egg, then you pick some "fresh" veggies, then you feed some sheep and gather some wool, then you feed some cows and "milk" them. Finally you bring all your goods to a market and sell them. You can then take your money to a little store. Both Red and Michael chose a nice red apple for their money - very impressed with the healthy choice!