A Good Yarn

Friday, September 16, 2005


This week went just as fast as last week - and I didn't even have a day off!

I received another set of stitch markers in the Stich Marker Swap:

Not a great photo. I have trouble taking pictures of stitch markers. These are a very beautiful purple with gold swirls. So pretty!!!

Last Saturday I had a very odd evening. My brother and I decided to go to Triple Rock Social Club and catch comedian Doug Stanhope. I saw him in The Aristocrats and thought he was pretty funny, so I thought, what the hell. He's pretty "blue" as they say, but I figured it wouldn't be too bad. Well, the show started with a burlesque show. It was pretty entertaining, but also made me uncomfortable, because of the sexism. I'm always torn on stuff like that. There was also an opening band. I have no idea what they were called, but they were hilarious. The lead singer had this fake Russian accent and the songs were very funny - like one called "Shiny Crack Whore". Finally Stanhope took the stage. It's odd to watch a comedian in a nightclub setting - no seats or anything. Plus it was something like 12:30 by the time he took the stage, so people were pretty juiced. It was extremely informal and a lot of interplay between the audience and comedian. There were a few really sexist jokes, but overall I wasn't uncomfortable with the show. I was more embarrased by some of the idiotic actions of drunk guys. It was really funny to watch the young men and women interacting with each other too. I'm so glad I'm not 22 any more.

After a really long, late night, I had to get up fairly early to go to the Vikings game. First game of the season. It started out well, but turned ugly. So cranky! I took the train to the game and despite the fact that most of the crowd left the game early, there was still a huge crowd around the train stop. So I decided to hoof it over to one of the local yarn stores and check things out and wait for the crowds to thin out. Since I was so depressed about the Vikings loss, I decided to make myself feel better with a couple of balls of yarn.

I've admired the many Trekking XXL socks I've seen in blogland and decided to buy a skein for myself. I am not sure I like the red, white and blue colorway, but maybe I'll make a pair of socks for my sister the soldier or her mom.

I bought this skein of cotton yarn for a dishcloth, just because I love this colorway. I'd like this photo for a card, too.

This is SWTC Karaoke. I'd never seen it before, but really liked it so I bought a couple of skeins to make a hat with. It's similar to Silk Garden, but it's soy silk and wool. It's really soft.

I felt much better with yarn in hand and headed to another train stop - there was only a few people on the train, so I got to sit and read the paper on the ride home. Ah, much better.

I haven't had a lot of time to knit this week since I've been away from home every night until last night. I did go to SNB and worked on Lucky on Wednesday night. Last night I almost finished the second sleeve for the hearts sweater and then realized I had missed one row in the chart. So I had to rip back and re-knit. Of course, I had already worked in the ends, so I had to loosen up the ends again and I don't have enough yarn left to knit it correctly. I knit what I could and I'm going to do the rest in white and just duplicate stitch the correct colors. What a moron I am!

Secret Pal 5 has wrapped up. I got my last package and revealed myself. I've gotta get working, so I'll post those photos tomorrow. Have a great weekend!