A Good Yarn

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rockstar: INXS spoiler ahead

If you taped Rockstar and haven't watched it, stop reading now and come back later.

I am so excited!! I loved J.D. and am so glad he won! I've had Pretty Vegas in my head so much over the last two weeks. I thought he had the best voice and most talent. I also thought his style most closely matched INXS too. I have to admit, I thought they'd pick MiG because he's an Aussie and is so nice and attractive and is a good singer. I hate to admit how much I loved this show. If INXS stops by the Twin Cities, I'll definitely be there.

Red and Ben had Boy Scouts last night, so I went to the Knitter's Guild meeting instead of our usual Tuesday night get together. It was the annual State Fair showcase. People who entered knitted items in the fair brought them for show and tell and shared the comments they received from the judges. There was some gorgeous stuff there. I think my favorite was the linen cabled sweater knit on size 0 needles - I admire that level of masochism. The comments, as always were interesting. They always are very focused on buttons. Also as usual, there doesn't always seem to be rhyme or reason to what gets ribbons and what doesn't. One woman admitted that there were major mistakes on two of her items that got ribbons. One ribbon for "best use of color" went to a felted bag knit in purple and red for a Red Hat Lady. That's like choosing best use of color for a Christmas stocking in red and green. This is why I don't enter things in the State Fair.

I brought along the Hearts & Flowers sweater and finished the seaming at the Guild Meeting. Then I picked up and knit the neckband at home while watching INXS, Bones, House and L&O: SVU. Yes, I'm a tv junkie and the fall season has started - yeah!! I don't like Bones that much and may stop watching that one already. Anyway, here it is - the finished sweater:

It looks so much better with the correct proportions on the sleeves. Here's the particulars, from my knitting website:

Project Name: Hearts and Flowers
Designer: Kim Hargreaves
Pattern Source: Tadpoles & Tiddlers
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashcotton DK
Yarn Source: The Yarnery
Date Started: 4/4/05
Date Completed: 9/20/05

Comments: I knit this sweater for Saralee's granddaughter. She picked out the pattern and the yarn and bought the yarn. I had a ton of yarn left. I made the first sleeve a size too small, so I ripped down and re-knit it correctly. I duplicate stitched the patterns on some of the hearts. The vertical striped hearts were done stranded and pull in a little bit. The sweater is designed to be oversized, but I ended up a little off gauge and the sweater is a little big.

I'm not sure why it took me so long to knit this thing. I guess it's just the colorwork. I'm really slow working with all those different colors. If I have time, I'm going to make a hat to match with some of the leftover yarn.

As you can see in the background, fall has arrived here in Minnesota. Actually, the change of seasons are always odd here. Today's the last day of summer, and it feels like summer - it's supposed to get up to the upper 80s. But it looks like fall outside, with lots of leaves falling off the trees:

The leaves are changing too, but I haven't seen anything spectacular enough to post on the blog, yet. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to fall again and be more like autumn.

I received the zippers for Mariah. I ordered 3 different zippers because I didn't trust the colors on my monitor. One is really pink, one is more of a purple and the one in the middle matches best. I think I'll take it with me to SNB tonight and try sewing it in. I now have 4 extra zippers left over, so if someone is looking for a zipper, let me know.