A Good Yarn

Monday, September 05, 2005

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to everyone! I'm so excited to have a day off to just hang around the house and do chores and knit.

Thursday I volunteered at the library booth at the State Fair. It was pretty fun, but the time moved so slowly. We also walked around the fair and looked at the knitting and other creative activity entries. I was impressed with the quality of the entries and the ribbon winners. It looks like a lot of the people who entered garter stitch scarves last year have really learned a lot in the last year - and the judging has improved. Even 5 years ago I was amazed at the beautiful work that was overlooked while more simple things were rewarded. I also bought a few goodies. From the Alpaca booth, some lovely soft alpaca from animals right here in Minnesota:

I also picked up a few things in the MN Wool Growers booth, including this yarn:

and some gorgeous roving for needle felting:

I wish I had that bright yellow when I did my buttonhole bag! Maybe I'll add a little to the center of the flower....

We had some yummy food and walked our feet off. I was so tired the next day! I did manage to do a little shopping on Friday though. Now that it's fall, I'm starting to be interested in the fall clothes in the stores again - and picked up a few additions to the wardrobe. I also got some stitch markers in the mail on Friday - for the September marker swap:

cute, aren't they? I love stuff with words on it. I'll definitely be using these. Thanks pal!

My nephew, Michael spent the night at my house so we could get an early start at the fair on Saturday. We met up with Bill and his family and again walked and walked and walked and ate lots of yummy stuff. I love the State Fair! The day ended up on a rather dreary note, though. It rained off and on through the afternoon and eventually we realized it just wasn't going to stop so Michael and I decided to take off. After 10 hours we were tired anyway. In fact, Michael fell asleep on the bus back to the park and ride. It was a good day, though.

Yesterday was a day to rest and relax. After a nice afternoon of chatting and knitting, Kerry and I went to this movie:

It's very sweet. I would highly recommend it for animal lovers. If you like birds, you must see this. The parrots are so beautiful and you really can see their individual personalities. San Francisco seems like such a lovely, interesting place to live in the film, too.

I managed to finish the knitting on my Mariah. I got half of it seamed up - here's an incredibly lame and unflattering picture:

I had to crop out the hood (and my head) because the expression on my face was incredibly frightening. I'll hopefully finish up the seaming and sew in a zipper over the next week and post a good photo.