A Good Yarn

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hat City

It's been a busy couple of weeks. It's getting close to normal again, though, so I thought I'd take a little time to blog. It's really my own fault - I create this horrible cycle. I have all of these deadlines and get super busy trying to get everything done in time. Then things loosen up a bit and I'm so tired from having been so busy that I don't get much done. And then the deadlines hit me again and I get super busy again. I've gotta figure out a way to be more productive in the down times so that the up times aren't so frantic.

It probably hasn't helped that I have had a few extra things on my calendar - I had a mandatory training for the Ramsey County GAL program - several evenings of training. I also had a couple of CLEs over the last week. I'm also taking a film class this fall. It's a great class and I'm really enjoying it, but I do have to try to squeeze in watching the films for class. I'm really paying close attention, so I don't knit during that time, either.

I have gotten a couple of things done, though. I knit a couple of hats with the yarn left over from the Heart Sweater:

These are both patterns from the same book - Tadpoles and Tiddlers. It's so weird because I had to shorten the first hat because the pattern called for such a long length. The second one, however, is really short. It's more like a beanie than a hat. I would have ripped it out and knit it longer, but that's all the green yarn I had, so it's going to be short.

Also did a couple of beading projects. These will look familiar, because I've made them before:

I made another turquoise necklace for my sister Kerry's birthday. She's blond and blue eyed, so blue looks awesome on her.

Another mother's bracelet, this time for my own mother. I went to Sioux Falls for her birthday this weekend and she absolutely loved this. She loved the sparkle of the crystals and admired it often. I think it's the first thing I've ever made her that I really felt like she loved.

On Friday I got to see this long-awaited film:

Loved it! I love Wallace & Gromit and it was so awesome to see them on the big screen. You could occasionally see the finger prints in the clay - so cool! Gromit was just absolutely delightful. The kids all loved the movie and there was alot that the adults found enjoyable too.

When I was looking for the movie poster, I found this print, which I may need to buy for my office: