A Good Yarn

Friday, October 14, 2005

Meet the New Boss....

Same as the Old Boss.

Although he doesn't like the name, I did see "The Boss" on Wednesday night:

It was a second stop on his solo acoustic tour. It was quite a bit different from the first stop. This time he played Northrop Auditorium on the U of MN campus. The acoustics were fantastic. He sounded so good. It was a much more intimate setting than the Xcel Center, which he played last time. He played a ton of instruments - a bunch of different guitars, a grand piano, an electic piano, a pump organ, harmonica, ukelele and a string instrument that sat on his lap - I can't remember what it's called. It was really impressive. A lot of it was really Dylan-esque. Personally, I prefer the rocking Bruce, but I enjoyed the unplugged version too. He even played Thunder Road unplugged. The only bad thing was the woman sitting directly behind me. It was a more serene, quiet show and audience, but this woman was "Whoa"ing during every song. Despite her excitement to see Bruce, she was talking through a big part of the show. She was so loud, the people in front of me turned around and gave her the evil eye and confronted her after the show. I also think she was eating sandwiches or something because I heard a lot of paper crinkling and smelled tuna. Nevertheless, still enjoyed Mr. Springsteen.

I finished reading "The Secret Life of Bees". I really liked it a lot. It's an easy, fast read. The story really draws you in and you truly care about the characters. I'd recommend this one. I started reading our next Book Club selection, which I have no hope of finishing in time:

Looks pretty interesting.

I received a set of stitch markers for the October Stitch Marker Swap:

The picture doesn't capture how pretty the blue beads are. Thanks, I love them!!

I'm loving this fall. It's moving way too quickly, though. I haven't even unpacked my winter clothes yet, but I have bought enough new clothes to sort of get me through the chilly days. I've definitely got to unpack more though. I was hoping to take some pretty fall foliage pictures, but this is what the trees look like around my house:

I think the flooding rain we had last week, including high winds, led to the leaves falling before they had fully changed. I'm going to start keeping a camera in my car, though, because I think I'll find some pretty leaves around town. I tried a new hiking trail yesterday and there was some pretty spots on the trail. I don't think I'll do that trail again today, though, because there was a lot of big hills and now my right calf muscle really hurts - I don't think I use that muscle enough. I'll definitely go back again some time, though, because it was a great trail.