A Good Yarn

Friday, May 12, 2006


Well, I didn't go to MDSW this year. I didn't feel as deprived as I thought I would. It seems like there was less chatter on the blogs about it this year than last year. Maybe it's just because I feel behind in my blog reading when I was working on my taxes and still haven't quite caught up yet. Anyway, Kerry went again and was nice enough to bring me back a bag:

and a skein of Tess' sock yarn:

Isn't it pretty? I had requested a skein of STR, but as you've probably heard, they sold out in record time. I bought a skein of Tess' yarn last year and made a pair of Jaywalkers. It's fantastic yarn and I can't wait to knit this up too! I've been acquiring a shocking amount of sock yarn lately, so I've gotta start knitting socks! I'll post my other purchases as they arrive.

I could have knit that lovely sock yarn as a May and June PS project, but I've been knitting a lot of small projects and decided to start another sweater. So, here's another May PS project:

It's some Berroco Cotton Twist that I bought for cheap at Elann. Love Elann! This is a pretty, shiny cotton blend yarn, but it splits like crazy. The pattern is Nora from a Berroco leaflet:

I was tagged for a meme, but I'll save that for another post.