A Good Yarn

Thursday, May 11, 2006


First, I want to send a big thank you to Bethanie! She sent me an awesome RAOK last week:

That's a cheery card, a nice tin of "Sip for the Cure" pink grapefruit green tea bags, 2 skeins of some lovely highland wool and the cutest notepad that says, "Give yourself time to dream". Isn't that awesome?! It was such a nice surprise and I really love the gifts - thanks Bethanie!!!

So, I have been knitting a bit. I'm onto May Project Spectrum, so I started a mitred square in greens:

I've actually knit the last quarter of that square since the photo, so tonight I'll block it and then I'll sew it together this weekend. I also knit up the second side of my Wobbly Circles Tote, but since it looks exactly the same as the first side, I'll spare you the photo. Hopefully I'll have time to sew it together and felt it this weekend also.

I also did my Project Spectrum papercrafting project for the month:

I made a couple of green Mother's Day cards for my mom and step-mom, and then made a few more that said Happy Birthday. If I'm making cards, I like to make 6 at a time, just to make it worth my time. I used the chalk stamp pads and daubers that I learned last year and embellished with the Liquid Beadz that Heather sent me for the PS Swap last month.

It was the first time I used the Liquid Beadz and I would call it a mixed success. These are a mix of seed beads and bugle beads in an adhesive gel. You apply them to whatever you want with a knife or stick or even your fingers. I found that if you apply a small amount at a time it works better than taking a big glop and trying to spread them out. The adhesive is pretty sticky, so it's kind of messy, but it's also messy to use glue or double-sided tape and beads, so it's probably a wash no matter what method you use. The gel dries clear overnight and the beads are really well adhered. This Blazing Orange mix is gorgeous too. On the downside, I got gel on the paper in places where there were no beads - around the edges - and that looks kind of messy. It also was pretty heavy for the paper, so the paper is sort of wrinkled. That may happen with any seed beads because of their weight though - I've only ever used microbeads on paper before. I think if you used this product on other things - like a frame or something glass, it would be perfect. That little jar of beads goes a long way, too. Thanks, Heather, for letting me experiment!

One last bit of greenery. I hate doing lawnwork, so I haven't mowed yet this year. My grass is getting pretty long, which is apparently just fine with this bunny:

She apparently felt perfectly safe being in the backyard with the dogs. Luckily for her, Finbar is sick, so I guess he didn't notice her, because normally there's nothing he likes more than chasing bunnies and squirrels out of the yard.