A Good Yarn

Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday, Monday

Yesterday I had my Film Club and we saw this independent film:

It was filmed right here in Minnesota. It's about a Norwegian immigrant farmer, Olaf, in 1920 Minnesota who brings over a woman he's never met, Inge, to become his wife. It turns out that although she was living in Norway, Inge is actually German. Which doesn't sit well with the locals, since we've just fought WWI. The film shows how neighbors come together to help neighbors, but how they also can be very harsh and judgmental. There's also a lot about the farm crisis and foreshadowing of the coming dust bowl and depression of the 30s. But most of all, it's a love story between Olaf and Inge. It's absolutely gorgeous with beautiful scenes of the Minnesota countryside. If you have a chance to see this on the big screen, I would highly recommend you do.

Last night I also volunteered a couple of hours to pack food for shipment to Darfur. Hopefully you are already well aware of the situation occuring there, but if you want more information, there's a video at Darfur Diaries. If you've seen Hotel Rwanda and felt helpless while watching the horrific genocide occur there, now's your chance to do something to make a difference in a similar situation. The local group I volunteered with is Minnesota Interfaith Darfur Coalition and you can give money and get more information from The Save Darfur Coalition. There are several other organizations trying to get help to Darfur also, but those are the two organizations I have donated to and I know they're doing good work.

After I got home, I had a little bit of time for knitting and I ALMOST finished my Lozenge sock:

Just the toes left to complete. I had to cut my toes out of that picture because I haven't had a pedicure in a couple of months (trying to save my money for endless care repairs, don't you know) and they looked so gross. Not to mention, yes, my skin is so white I pretty much glow. Anyway, I didn't officially join Socktober, but I was hoping to finish this pair up in Socktober anyway, but looks like I'm going to fall a little short.

I am also doing some seasonal knitting - can you guess what this is?

Yep, it's a pumpkin - felted! I was going to make it for Halloween and needlefelt a face on, but since I'm a little late, I guess it'll just be a Thanksgiving pumpkin.