A Good Yarn

Friday, October 27, 2006

My other pet

I think I've mentioned before that there are a lot of rabbits that hang out in my yard. This summer I'm pretty sure that there's a family that has taken up residence. It may be because Finbar's not around to chase them away any more (Fiona doesn't even bark at them) or because I basically gave up on yard maintenance in August and there's lots of long yummy grass for them to chomp on. In any case, I've begun to think of them as "my rabbits" and enjoy looking for them when I let Fiona out in the backyard. They're very well camouflaged these days:

Although they don't look like they're missing any meals, I do like to throw some food out there for them and the other animals. I threw a few apples that were getting old and wrinkly out there the other day and was amused to see half an apple on the picnic table the next day - like the squirrels were having a picnic, but got distracted halfway through. When I was taking the bunny picture, I noticed another partially eaten apple in the tree:

I found that amusing too - another squirrel trying to keep the treat to himself? A bird pecking away at it? The poor bunny has no shot at that one. In any case, the next time I went out back, the apple was gone.

I also thought I'd come clean with a few of my yarn purchases. I mentioned the Merino Style I bought from Knitpicks. Well, that's not all I bought. I also bought some Memories sock yarn:

I also bought some Ambrosia, a Baby Alpaca Cashmere blend:

I bought these because I had never tried them before and I was interested in trying them out - and who can resist the great Knitpicks prices? The memories isn't quite what I was expecting. I think it's a little more loosely spun than I thought. I do sort of like the colorway, although I think I'd like it better without the lavendar. The Ambrosia is heavenly. So soft and pretty. I was thinking maybe something for my sister's baby, if she's having a girl. I also got some Alpaca Cloud:

although I didn't get it directly from Knitpicks. I got it from Amanda. She decided she didn't like it, so she sent it to me - I love it! And Knitpicks has a new stole pattern that would be perfect for this yarn.