A Good Yarn

Monday, October 09, 2006

It's Fall

I finally closed the windows and turned on the furnace today. It was 80 degrees on Saturday, but it's in the 40s today and they're not forcasting another 80 degree day, so I bit the bullet and accepted the fact that it's all downhill from here. At least it's October.

I had another low key weekend. Saturday was Katie's birthday party and Michael was invited, so I picked him up and we headed over there. After the birthday party we went out to dinner and Bill got a fire call, so I let him take my car (which is actually his car, because I'm using his car until my car is repaired) and so Michael and I went over to their house to wait for my car to get back. We ended up playing a rousing game of Star Wars Monopoly. It wasn't the way I had planned to spend my evening, but it was really fun. Michael asked if he could go to the Vikings game with Greg on Sunday, so I stayed home and watched the game on tv and knit and cleaned the house a bit. Last winter I made my sister Laura a hooded sweater coat and she asked if I could put some pockets on it, so I took care of that yesterday:

I attached the pocket as I was knitting it on the sides and as you can see, it sort of stretched out the stitches. I probably should have just sewed it down, but that's ok. She's never going to look at it that closely and it's a darker blue than it looks in that picture, so I doubt anyone else will notice either. I'm just glad to have it finished finally. I also worked on a cabled earflap hat:

I'm going to knit an edging in a coordinating color, so I'll post more about that when it's finished. I've also finished knitting another mitered square - it's blocked and I just need to sew it together:

I picked up a couple more skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic for the mitered blanket when I was on the Treasure Hunt this weekend, so I definitely have enough yarn to make a large blanket. We'll see if I get too bored.