A Good Yarn

Saturday, January 06, 2007

1 week down, 51 to go

The first week of 2007 hasn't been so nice. I have been sick all week long. Ugh. I started feeling a tickling in my throat on Monday night and it got progressively worse all week. Until last night, I hadn't knit a stitch since finishing up the alien pillows.

I considered just dropping off Michael and the presents and sleeping in the car while they all opened presents, but I decided that would be no fun - and of course I did perk up considerably while the kids were opening their presents. It's so much fun to see that kind of happiness. The boys seemed to like the Alien pillows - Ben even asked if he could just sleep with it even when he didn't have a lost tooth. Katie loved the little Kiki kitty. I think it was her favorite present - until she opened the Easy Bake oven I gave her, which she hugged. It was a fun night all around.

Besides having almost no energy to knit, I also have been working on a non-knitting project, a photo calendar for Bill's parents' 50th anniversary. I know, it would have been nice to bring it to their party last weekend, but I just ran out of time. But, I did manage to finish it up this week, so hopefully it's not too late for enjoy January still. Here's one page as an example:

Otherwise, that's about it for me. I've cancelled ever other social engagement this week and only worked about half days. I even had a chance to knit while I was a passenger in the car to a meeting over in Wisconsin yesterday, but I just didn't have enough energy. It's really sad. I did re-do my sidebar to take out the old knitalongs and add in a couple of new ones. I joined Knit Blue, a knitalong for Democrats. I think my first blue project will be a pair of socks. I also joined Project Spectrum again this year. The rules are a little different this time and I'm changing up my participation. Last time I worked solely in the colors of that particular month and I mixed in papercraft and beading each month. This time I'm going to concentrate on knitting socks and I probably will work on other knitting projects at the same time. And no other crafts. I kind of burned out on that last time. Knitting is truly my first love.

One last thought. I was reading my AAA magazine and one story was about romantic places in the Midwest - sort of giving you ideas of where to take a short trip for Valentine's Day. Of course, the Twin Cities was on the list, but this comment cracked me up:

Minneapolis and St. Paul sparkle beautifully in the winter, when abundant snows cover the landscape.

Sparkle, abundant snow? I don't think so:

As you can see, most of the snow we got on New Year's Eve is gone. While I feel somewhat sorry for our friends in Colorado, I do miss that lovely winter look and feel that we usually have.