A Good Yarn

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Thank you!!

I received my Special Swap package from Lynne in the mail yesterday, and the timing was perfect! This has been a tough week at work. My caseload is pretty heavy right now and just about every case is falling apart - it seems like it's been one crisis after another. Ugh. Plus, Monday is tax day. And I haven't done my taxes. Because I owe a lot of money. And if I just ignore something, it goes away, right? So, my mind has not been at ease this week and a little present always makes me feel better (so sue me, I'm materialistic!) Only this wasn't a little present, it was a big present!

First of all, the box was awesome:

How much fun is that? There's stuff from England, Scotland, Ireland, hmmmm... The theme for this swap was travel/a dream vacation, so I suspected my trip was taking me to Great Britain. And I was right!

After I opened the box, the first thing I saw was my favorite thing, this case:

Oh, my goodness! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It reminds me of the little overnight case that Grace Kelly brings over to Jimmy Stewart's place in Rear Window. And just like Grace Kelly, Lynne filled that little case up with lots of goodies:

So, in particular we have:

On the right, from a stop by the beaches of Wales, a little package with shells and stone. Everything is resting on a lovely piece of Irish linen. And directly from England itself, a little Spode china cup, a bar of Laura Ashley soap and a cake of soap from Harrod's, the best department store in the world! No trip to England would be complete without a little Debbie Bliss (one of my favorite designers, by the way) and this lovely little package:

took care of that:

I didn't have that book yet, either and I love it! Besides the DB book, Lynne also enclosed a couple of patterns for that yarn that I'm sure you spied inside of the case and a lovely letter. By the way, on top of that brown package was a little envelope that was in the case that held some vellum travel-theme embellishments, which I will definitely use in my papercrafting. Oh, and speaking of that yarn, from England there's a skein of gorgeous Posh yarn:

and no visit to the British Isles would be complete without a stop in Scotland, where you can find this Rowan Scottish Tweed:

My favorite color of pink! There was one more small box within the box:

A lovely Tartan box with a bottle of Scottish Linen Water inside - and I really do use linen water when I iron.

Lynne, as the Brits would say, it's brilliant! I just love everything. I am of Irish descent, but I've never been to Ireland, so that truly is my dream vacation. And right now I'm reading "Voyager" in the Outlander series, so I'm steeped in Scottish history and using Scottish phrases like "dinna trouble yerself" and "ken", so this theme was absolutely perfect. I'm gobsmacked!