A Good Yarn

Friday, March 30, 2007


Since I haven't had a knitting related post on this here knitting blog in AGES, I thought I'd at least post something knitting-related and show you yarn. While I was on my various travels, some yarn came in the mail.

This is the March selection for the Posh Sock Yarn Club. Once again, I'm not really thrilled with it. It was touted as colorful, which I guess it is, but I like my yarn brighter. Or, if it's going to be this muted, then I guess just one color, like an olive green. I will not be re-subscribing to the Posh Sock Club.

Sorry it's blurry. But this is what I call colorful! This is the March selection for the Sweet Sheep Sock Yarn Club and I'm thrilled with it. This yarn is from Sweet Sheep itself, called Sweet Socks. The colorway is Spring Tulips and I love it. Maybe this will be my sock yarn selection for the next Project Spectrum color group: green, yellow and pink.

Speaking of Project Spectrum, this is the Sweet Sheep Project Spectrum Club selection for March. It's a lovely silvery gray. I only signed up for the first four months of the PS Club, but I definitely want to sign up for the second four months. I've loved these mostly solid skeins in the PS colors.

I also bought some yarn this month, but I'll save that for later.

Speaking of buying yarn, I'm doing a re-set on my New Year's Resolution. I didn't join in the No Yarn Buying pledge, but I did make a resolution to stay within my budget - which would have really decreased the amount of yarn I've been buying. I've done very well so far this year in keeping track of my purchases and entering them into my budget spreadsheet. In January and February I was way over budget in some categories, so I was able to do some offsets in others. I was way over budget in the craft supplies (mostly yarn, of course) category. But this crazy month has set me off in every category. Being on vacation and then all of the traveling. I'm over budget in every category except rent (which is of course a fixed amount), utilities and taxes (ditto). So, rather than be so over budget in everything and have to try to live a monastic lifestyle, I'm calling a do-over. I'm starting fresh on April 1 and trying again to live within the budget.