A Good Yarn

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stitch N Pitch

Yesterday was the second annual Stitch n Pitch with the Minnesota Twins. I think maybe the knitters are bad luck for the Twins, because for the second year in a row, the Twins lost the game. This one wasn't even close. We all had fun knitting together and enjoying each other's projects, though. It was a pretty nice sized crowd. One of my knitting group buddies picked up tickets at Amazing Threads and they were great seats - 11th row in the Upper Deck, right above home plate. With our ticket, AT gave us a skein of Twins-themed cotton to knit a Homer Hanky. I didn't get to wave it, but it was good ballpark knitting:

Everyone also got a goodie bag:

I got some light up needles, some really big wooden needles, the bag, a yarn store travel guide, Spin Off magazine, some free patterns and a couple of cross stitch kits. If anyone is interested in the crocheted snow flake pattern booklet, let me know and it's yours!

It was a fun day, even if we didn't win. I'm looking forward to the day we can sit outside for the SNP!

Driving to the train station on Sunday morning, I got excited about the fact that in about a month, I'll be driving to the train station on Sunday mornings for Vikings games!! We upgraded our seats this year, so I visited our new seats. We're in the 14th row of the lower deck, right below where I sat for the Twins game. They're AWESOME seats - so close to the field!! I'm bummed about summer almost being over, but I can't wait for football to start!!!!!