A Good Yarn

Sunday, September 26, 2004

I hate getting old

Every part of my body hurts right now. My brother moved today, so I spent the entire day packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes and cleaning. This is why I'm never moving again. I hate moving. My brother wasn't even interested in my favorite part of moving - picking out stuff like new shelf paper and a new shower curtain. Happily, I stepped in and did that for him :-)

Yesterday I had a meeting in downtown Minneapolis, so I decided to work at home in the morning and test out the new train. The parking lot for the park and ride at Fort Snelling is way, way too small. Otherwise, it's awesome. I managed to find a spot to park after trolling the parking lot for about 15 minutes and even though I was at the farthest end of the lot, it only took about 3-4 minutes to walk to the train stop. A mere $1.25 to ride the train into downtown - much cheaper than the $8-10 it would have cost to park. The ride itself was less than 30 minutes and very comfortable. Hopefully once the Mall of America park and ride opens up the Fort Snelling one will be less busy or I'll be able to drive there instead, which is only a little farther away. I may try it again tomorrow for the Vikings game, but I've heard it's the most busy for those games, so I'm not sure I'll be there early enough. Even though I'm planning to leave earlier so I can get Robert Smith to sign a book for me.

No knitting for me yesterday or today. Last night I did a little rubberstamping and made some birthday cards. Tried a couple of new techniques with mixed results. Watch this space for my latest eBay purchases. I've won two auctions for yarns I really lust after.