A Good Yarn

Thursday, September 23, 2004

I love Fall!

This morning I was sitting in the back yard with the pooches and sleeves were floating down off the trees - it was really beautiful and serene. Pretty soon those will be snowflakes floating to the ground.

Even though I love fall, I decided to celebrate summer one last time yesterday with a very summery dinner. I had an Insalata Caprese (I also use a little Balsamic Vinegar on the salad even though it's not authentic) along with some nice Italian bread. For dessert, I had a brownie with raspberries on top. It was very summery and very delicious!!

Speaking of summery, I worked on the Florentine Flattery again - I may change the name to the sweater that will never end. This garment has taken me longer than any other thing I've knitted. It must be the cotton yarn. It's on small needles, but I've knit other sweaters on small needles too. I'm very fearful that I'll run out of yarn. I am almost done with the second front, so I'm hoping the skein I'm using will be enough for that. After that, I have two skeins left. I'm doubting one skein will be enough for a sleeve, so I may have to make an adjustment to the sleeves. This is why it's not always good to let yarn age in your stash for years.