A Good Yarn

Monday, September 13, 2004

The V is for Victory!

So much fun yesterday! We got to the game just before kick off, so we decided to see what kind of deal we could do with a scalper. Our seats are in the upper deck, which isn't as much fun. We were able to give a guy our tickets plus $75 and get a pair of seats in the 5th row. It was awesome! I little hard to see when the game was at the other end of the field because we were at the end zone line, but awesome when the Vikings scored in "our" end zone. Here's a play I loved:

This is always my favorite sight at games, now that Robert Smith has retired:

On the knitting front, no pictures. I FINALLY found the missing spool of wire and finished my wire knitting. I'm going to send it to my Secret Pal, so I best not post here, in case she's peaking. Otherwise, no knitting this weekend. The game took pretty much all Sunday and I spent most of Saturday working.